First Bank Mobile Transfer Code

Code To Recharge Others Using First Bank Mobile Money Transfer USSD

If you have found yourself in a situation where you needed to recharge someone else’s line from your account  using the First Bank Recharge Code, you are not alone. Kindly read on to learn how to buy airtime for other people from your First Bank account on mobile and instantly.

First Bank Mobile Recharge Code to Buy Airtime for other people

You can easily recharge other people’s line (that is a mobile number that isn’t yours obviously registered to your first bank account) using the mobile money transfer code made readily available by First Bank Nigeria for her customers. We have actually written an article in the past that describes how to use the First Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code here. You can check it out before you proceed.

How To Recharge Others Using First Bank Mobile Transfer Code

Follow the below laid down steps to easily recharge others using the First Bank Mobile Transfer Code

  • Dial *894*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER# from your mobile phone to recharge another person’s line. For instance dial *894*500*08020000000# to recharge ₦500 for any other person’s phone.

It is that simple to recharge any other person’s line (which is not the number registered to your First Bank Account) using the same first Bank mobile transfer code.

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