How to Buy Recharge using Diamond Bank Recharge Code

Diamond Bank Transfer Code : How To Transfer Money via USSD on Mobile

Diamond Bank Money Transfer code is a definitely one of the best means that’s been provided by Diamond Bank for her customers to be able to quickly transfer money to other bank accounts or people who are making use of Diamond Bank services or other banks within Nigeria.

Diamond Bank Transfer Code

 Diamond Bank Transfer code, bank users to obviously gain access to their bank accounts from the convenience of their mobile phones in any part of the country, at any hour of the day and unrestricted access to their money. In other words, you do not need to worry about how to transfer money to another bank with the Diamond Bank Money Transfer code as it affords you the opportunity to transfer fund to other people elsewhere and check your account balance without having to go through the long process of visiting the bank and going through the long protocols of the bank.

Why you should be using Diamond Bank Money Transfer code

It is Easy:

First of all, I would like to say that it is one of the easiest means to carry out bank transactions in any part of Nigeria. With just dialing a certain digit, following a few on-screen instructions and ‘bam’ you’ve successfully transferred fund from your Diamond bank account. It cannot be compared to the stress of going all the way to the bank or standing on an ATM (Automated Teller Machine) queue.

It is Secure:

It is a safe and reliable means for customers to move money especially those who are ardent believers of the ‘cashless’ policy using the diamond bank transfer code via USSD. You no longer have to carry around a large sum of money when you’ve been paid or about paying someone.

Also, did you know that when you have a certain sum of money at hand you’re more prone to spend it because you’re seeing it (especially those who have the “round figure” syndrome)? If you disagree, I would like to know why in the comment section.

Any and every Network goes:

I cannot over emphasize the fact that anyone making use of any network providing company in Nigeria can make use of the service. Irrespective of the network the customer is making use of to carry out the Diamond bank transactions directly from their bank account.

No internet Wahala:

The good thing about this provision is that you don’t have to worry about an internet access as it works with any kind of mobile phone be it a smart phone or not, just as long as your phone number is registered against your account with Diamond Bank.

Time Saving:

It saves you the time to attend to other businesses of yours. Who in Nigeria likes the idea of being on a long queue for a long time when you can be attending to other matters? Certainly not me. Let’s not start on one of those experiences at the bank with the likely hood of some bank attendant being rude to you because they are stressed out by way killing the little time you could have saved yourself.

You are in Control:

Finally, making use of Diamond Bank Money Transfer code just makes you feel in control, how? You might ask. Having the ability to make purchases at a ‘go’ or pay for services without having to do it at a later time (imagine having to pay or receive pay over the weekend and there are no banks in operation, Yikes!)

How To Transfer Money From Diamond Bank to Other Banks using USSD Code

I can go on and on why you should be using the Diamond Bank Money Transfer code on the mobile without internet but I will rather believe I have been able to convince you with the few points above. Let’s dive right in on what to do to actually enjoy all of the benefits stated.

BTW, this is actually similar to how you can transfer fund or money using USSD codes in Access Bank.

Let’s see how you can easily transfer funds using the Diamond Bank Money Transfer Code with the step below:

  1. After your registration is done, you can now Dial *710*710*PHONE-NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN# from your mobile phone and follow the on-screen instructions to transfer funds to another Diamond Bank Account. For instance *710*710*08030000000*15000*1111# to transfer ₦15,000.
  2. To directly transfer funds from your account, dial *710*777*PHONE-NUMBER*AMOUNT*PIN# from your mobile phone to transfer funds to another person’s account in another Bank. For instance*710*777*08030000000*15000*1111# to transfer ₦51,000.

Now that you are fully aware of why you should be using Diamond Bank Money Transfer code via USSD and how to use it for your transactions, kindly take a few seconds to ‘like’ if this post was helpful to you in anyway, don’t forget to leave a comment or share to any of your friends that it could be beneficial to. Remember, we don’t want to be an information hoarder. Also, let us know of other additional information you are curious over and will like for us to put up, we are here just for you.

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