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How to Buy Airtime from Ecobank to Another Phone Number

We have written an article the past on this blog that explains how you can recharge or purchase airtime to your line using the EcoBank Airtime Rechage code and you can read the post here. Now in this post, due to request and comment from our readers, we’ve decided to make a post specially for those who are trying to purchase airtime for others using their EcoBank accounts.

How To Recharge Your Phone Using EcoBank Airtime Recharge Code

The steps to buying airtime recharge and topups using the same Airtime Recharge/Purchase code is fairly simply.

How to Purchase Other Number Using EcoBank Recharge Code

Follow the steps below to be able to buy airtime for others from your EcoBank Account.

Before we go on, you need to know that to recharge another person’s number, you may need the service that’s called Ecobank third party recharge.

We know obviously that the it follows the same pattern as for yourself while recharging, all you need do is launch the dialer on your phone and dial

  • *326*the number that needs to be recharged*the amount of money for the recharge#. Let’s say you need to recharge your friend’s number with N2,000. This is exactly what you should dial: *326*12345678900*2000#. Where 12345678900 represents your friend’s phone number.

Hope you did find this little guide on how to recharge another phone using the EcoBank Recharge Code Helpful.

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