Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge Code

Zenith Airtime Recharge Code: How To Buy Airtime From Zenith Bank Acc.

Talk about the best banks in Nigeria, then Zenith Bank definitely makes the top 5. Do you wish to recharge credit to your mobile line from your Zenith Bank Account, then you have to know about the Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge Code.

Zenith Bank Nigeria has a feature known as EazyBanking. It’s very easy to find yourself in situations where your airtime gets exhausted after a phone call or text message and you do not have cash to buy from the recharge card sellers. You know you have some money left in your account but there is no internet connectivity to access your Bank’s mobile app and that’s wher the Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge Code comes to your rescue.

Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge Code

Let’s even think about those who do not own smart phones or the ones who own them and are not familiar with the use of their gadgets enough to make use of the Bank’s mobile app to top up their credit balance. With Zenith Bank airtime recharge code you are saved from this ‘wahala’ just like that! Let’s see how you can achieve this by doing the simple step below:

How To Purchase Airtime/Credit Using Zenith Bank Airtime Recharge Code via USSD

Just like the title says, you do not need a smartphone or internet connection to buy airtime for your mobile phones while using the Zenith Bank EazyBanking via the USSD recharge code. Let’s get to how to buy call credit using this method.

  • Dial *966*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER# from your mobile phone to recharge your line. For instance*966*1000*08120000000# to recharge ₦100.
  • Let’s say you wish to recharge another line that is not registered with your Zenith Bank account, Dial *966*AMOUNT*PHONENUMBER# from your mobile phone to recharge another person’s line. For instance*966*2000*08030000000# to recharge ₦2000 for the said number.

Please NOTE that to use this service you must have registered your phone number when creating the account with Zenith Bank for USSD service.

The service is open to all carriers in Nigeria and the maximum recharge one can have done in a day is N3000.

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